Goodbye, dear friends.

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I really, really hate saying goodbye.

Lol, I sound like some High School Musical cliche.

But the time has come.

We’re shutting down 2HOT.

Harsh, right? It’s been a wonderful almost year. It really has. We’ve had tons of great projects and memories and inside jokes and it’s been great. But for some reason, after our upgrade to WordPress, our reader count went down like whoooop. I guess we should have stayed on LiveJournal, huh? But this is the end. Maybe we’ll start it up again, maybe we won’t. You can’t have a blog without readers, it totally kills the purpose, you feel me? But we’ve created memories and we were able to express our fangirly ways with everyone. So thank you, to all our supporters, to all our fans, to all our people. BIG thank you to all our donators. We would have gotten literally nothing done without you guys. BIG BIG thanks to all of our staff – our old and our new. You guys, really, basically make 2HOT. Without y’all (hey, I’m from Texas!), we wouldn’t be 2HOT. So thank you and sorry for all those moments when we were big female dogs about you guys getting your assignments finished on time, haha. Anyways, Tammy and I would like to say our goodbyes. We’ve loved and hated working for 2HOT, but we don’t regret it. Thanks, everyone. You guys need to stay amazing for the next big thing, ‘kay? 😉


2PM is coming to MY town.

Yes. MY town.

On June 10th, 2010. I will be attending their concert. SITTING IN THE FRONT FREAKING ROW.

So before we say our for real deal good byes…

I will be keeping you guys posted with concert coverage. So keep on the look out for those because I will have those FIRST HAND YEAH BABY.

Gawd, I should’ve sprung for VIP passes, hahaha.



They got nothin’ on you, Jay

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cr; jayparkaom

Lemme just say right now I basically flipped a cap when I saw this video.

… yeah, I’m still flipping out, LOL.


Three things I noticed about Jay:
1) He cut his hair. It’s like a buzzy-kinda-cut.
2) He deffffinitely got buffer. Gone to the gym much, Jay? ;D
3) He’s doing his twisty head thing less.

He’s doing muuuuch better in his singing and rapping too, you can tell he’s been practicing a lot.

Man, now I wanna cry a bit, LOL.

Subscribe to Jay’s YouTube account @ jayparkaom AND become a fan of Art of Movement @ Art of Movement Facebook Fanpage!

When they posted this video, Junior left a message: hey i know u guys miss this guy so heres something that should make your day! 🙂

Heck yes, Junior. This made my year.

2PM/Jaebum Conference Transcript Part 1

March 2, 2010 at 8:02 PM | Posted in All Posts | 2 Comments

This was… intense. I could feel the tension in this conference, lol. The fans… were not very kind. I felt horrible for 2PM, and I felt bad for the fans. I can see it from both sides but really… things have been getting out of control. JYPE had to succumb to getting police to protect the boys, things are getting so bad. Ex-Hottests have been getting their Korean equivalent of a social security number and exploiting them. I mean, first of all, how the heck do you obtain someone’s social security number!? That’s just ridiculous, seriously o___o Some people have too much time on their hands, lol. And by the hour, fans are dropping from 2PM’s Daum. It’s ridiculous. Weren’t these the fans that promised to stick by these boys until the end? It’s hypocritical yet I can see why they do it. Argh, what a controversial matter.

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2PM’s 4 Hour Long Conference

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As everyone should know, the wait is now over. It’s quite contradictory and highly unsettling. I feel for both sides of the argument, but y’know, life only has a right and a wrong answer.

But in conclusion, Jaebeom will not be returning to 2PM.

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February 25, 2010 at 9:11 PM | Posted in All Posts | Leave a comment

Hey, guess what, guys and gals.

Guess what Tammy and I have cooked up for you all?


No, you’ll never guess.

I’ll tell you anyways ;D

Tammy and I put our heads together and created our next brainchild:

A forum made just for Park Jaebeom.

Brilliant, right? : D


He’s… gone?

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I refuse to believe it. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. What has this world come down to? What kind of society are we living in? Are mistakes unforgivable now? Are we unable to let go of the past, and move on to the future?

Are we so close minded that we can’t forgive and forget?

As you all may know by now (of course, this kind of news spreads like wildfire) Jaebeom of 2PM will not be returning. That pains me so much inside to say it, but in fact, it is the truth.

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2PM & 2AM In Singles March Issue

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Aren’t they just the sexiest? 😉 Chansung’s face totally says “What? >:O”. And Nichkhun’s like “Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry ;(“. And Junho, “Oooh. You’re sexy~ Can I lick you?” Okay, I’m TOTALLLY kidding! But I absolutely love their expressions ❤ MAD SEXINESS! And JoKwon’s just there looking fine as always 😛

Go under the cut for a download to the zip file filled with more hot pictures in BIGGER SIZES 🙂 I know you’re heart is just pounding for it 😀

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2010 Star Dance Battle: 2PM VS. Super Junior

February 15, 2010 at 1:01 AM | Posted in All Posts | 2 Comments

Last year, it was 2PM vs. SHINee.

… this year, it’s 2PM vs. Super Junior.

Very big upgrade, eh? ;]

It’s a very hot performance. If you haven’t seen it, grab a couple of tissues to wipe your drool, heheheh. Imagine lots of hip thrusts, white outfits, and body waves. Get ready for the steam ~

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Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy Lunar New Year to all ma fellow Asians! ^___^ I have a good feeling that this year will be wooooonderful since it finally snowed in Texas :’) Even though Lunar New Year in the States is not until tomorrow, our friends in Asia are currently enjoying for New Year’s Day! And instead of waiting for Sunday to come and post a New Year’s post when I’ll probably be busy with the fambam, I was like, shoooooot, I’ll post one right now (and continue procrastinating on that darn World Lit paper).

2PM recently gave their Lunar New Year greetings to us Hottests (how sweet of them <3) and One Day also performed wonderfully (hot) on MuBank!

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2AM + 2PM= Eargasm

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Ahhh… it’s been very quiet around here lately, hasn’t it? Well of course it has, you dimwit Tracy, you haven’t been posting! Sorry, sorry to all those who still stalk this website (and to those people, I adore you so deeply in my heart :’D) But you know, as time goes on, I realized that I may actually have a life. That’s so shocking, LOL. Actually no… I don’t have a life, I just have this burdensome pile called homework. But anyways, tomorrow is a snow day (HECK TO THE FREAK YEAH) which is a very rare occurence in Texas due to our extremely hot climates (sad face) but nevertheless, there’s about five-six inches of snow outside and I am loooooving it. So to commemorate this day (and procrastinate on my World Lit paper), I will present to you: 2PM NEWS HECK YEAAAAH BABY.

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