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2HOT was established on May 17, 2009. Both Tracy and Tammy didn’t see any blog dedicated to 2PM, and we believe that there should be one for the boys 🙂 So voila!

How did we get our name? Honestly, we started off with some really random, dorky ideas. Like “2ookie (Tookie)”, “2GO (To-Go)”, and some other random names. Trial and error. Until we came across “2HOT”, and I was goofing around and saying, “2PM is 2HOT for your eyes.” and so Tracy and I decided on the name ‘2HOT’ 🙂

On January 9, 2010, the admins decided to move 2HOT to Word Press for more “freedom”. Our old site’s features were getting too limited, so we knew it was time to move. Also, it was a chance for a fresh start.

Meet the staff that run 2HOT!

2HOT Staff + Hottests = 2HOT. You guys are what makes 2HOT, 2HOT 🙂

Age: 21
Birthday: June 11
: Toronto, ON
: Graphic Artist
: Graphic Design, Movies, Dancing, Singing
: I don’t really know what to put here.

Name: Aoi Jenni
Age: 22
Birthday: April 30
Location: California, USA
Role: Graphic Artist
Comments: Currently a college student majoring in International Relation & Graphics Design. Music consist of mainly KPOP & JROCK but open to everything. Current favorite quote: “Everything, even the completely inflamed heart breaks down.”

Name: Chris
Username: xiahhd
Age: 16
Birthday: May 23
Location: California, USA
Role: Author
Talents/Hobby: Alto Saxophone, Graphics
Comments: What got me into 2PM was Taecyeon’s rapping their Idol Army show. I eventually grew to like all of them, which is a change from other groups where I only like a few members. I’m looking forward to staying up late writing articles.

Name: Isabelle
Username: billibelle
Age: 18
Birthday: June 29
Location: Singapore
Role: Graphic Artist
Talents/Hobby: Filming, Photoshop
Comments: I GO CRAZY OVER OLD SCHOOL KPOP (Shinhwa, Sechskies, Jinusean etc) and I love anything blue or rainbow-y 😀

Name: Luna
Username: lunarsweetie
Age: 18
Birthday: February 21
Location: Texas, USA
Role: Editor, Tweeter
Comments: Uh, hello. 😀 I’m a generally friendly, happy person. So, let’s chat it up sometime! You know, if you want…

Name: New
Age: 16
Username: newismyname
Birthday: August 25
Location: California, USA
Role: Thai Translator
Talents/Hobby: Singing, Eating, Swimming
Comments: Yo 😐 New is in the house.

Name: Serena
Username: edenoverdose
Age: 20
Birthday: October 2
Location: Washington, USA
Role: Graphic Artist
Talents/Hobby: Art-related things.
Comments: Nice to meet you!

Name: Tammy
Username: honeyshine
Location: USA
Role: Founder/Admin/Maintainer
Talents/Hobby: Dancing, Singing, Fangirling, Goofing around 🙂
Comments: I’m in love with Dong Youngbae & Park Jaebum! Woot woot! MRS. DONG-PARK 😀 Better recognize 🙂

Name: Tata
Age: 15
Username: ayotata
Birthday: December 20
Location: Rhode Island
Role: Tweeter
Talents/Hobby: dancing, rapping, listening to my ipod
Comments: I am an obsessive, crazy fan girl… that’s all I have to say! xD

Name: Tracy
Username: conspiratracy
Age: 16
Birthday: July 28
Location: Texas, USA
Role: Founder/Admin/Maintainer
Talents/Hobby: Piano, Writing, Fangirling
Comments: I’m awesome.


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